English versions of some books by Ranganayakamma

  1. Ramayana, the Poisonous Tree (Stories, Essays, Footnotes) [Pages: 760. Hardbound. Royal demmy size. Rs. 150.]

  1. For the solution of the ‘caste’ question, Buddha is not enough, Ambedkar is not enough either, Marx is a must. [Pages: 400. Paperback. 1/8th demmy size. Rs. 80.]

  1. House Work and Outside Work. [Pages: 104. Paperback.1/8th demmy size. Rs. 30.]

  1. An Introduction to Marx’s ‘Capital’ (in 3 volumes). [Pages: 1972. Hardbound. 1/8th demmy size. Rs. 360.]

  1. Caste and Class: A Marxist Viewpoint. [Paperback. 1/8th demmy size. Rs. 60.]

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