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A Book on 'Caste' question

For the solution of the

'Caste' question

Buddha is not enough

Ambedkar is not enough either

Marx is a Must

By Ranganayakamma


Pages 430. Paper back. $ 10. Postage free. Send cheque in favour of 'Sweet Home Publications'. For copies: SWEET HOME PUBLICATIONS, 76, Lake-side Colony, Jubilee Hills post, Hyderabad-500 033 (India). Phone: (+91)-40-2311-7302. E-mail: brbapuji@yahoo.com


Chapters: (1) According to Ambedkar, How did 'castes' originate? (2) According to Ambedkar, How 'Shudra' Varna came into existence? (3) 'Brahminical' literature or 'Feudal' literature? (4) Hindus and Untouchables (5) According to Ambedkar, 'How' did Untouchability begin? (6) According to Ambedkar, 'When' did Untouchability begin? (7) Do you want 'Untouchability' or 'Slavery'? (8) 'Hindu' reformers on Untouchability (9) Beware of 'Mahatmas'! (10) The condition of Untouchables (11) Some 'Dalit' Movements (12) Not only 'Division of Labour', but also 'Division of labourers' is found in all countries (13) What did Ambedkar say in 'Annihilation of Caste' ? (14) According to Ambedkar, 'Protection against Economic Exploitation'! (15) According to Ambedkar, What is Buddhism? (16) Ambedkar on Marxism (17) Ambedkar's own Economics (18) Role of Ambedkar in 'drafting' the Constitution (19) Ambedkar has changed 'religion' (20) What, then, is Ambedkar? The Blunt weapon of Untouchability!



Also available: An Introduction to Marx's 'Capital' (in 3 volumes) by Ranganayakamma. Volume 1: Hardbound. pp. 640. $ 10. Volume 2: Hb. pp. 760. $ 15. Volume 3: Hb. pp. 572. $ 10.

Contents of volume 1

Part 1: Commodities and Money: A Note of Publication. Translator's Note. Preface: On Marx's 'Capital'. On Marx's Life. On this 'introduction' to 'Capital'. General Introduction: Nature and Society.

Chapters: (1) Two Aspects of Commodity. (2) Two Aspects of Labour that Produces a Commodity. (3) Form of value. (4) Elementary form of value. (5) Expanded form of value. (6) General form of value. (7) Development of the 'Relative' and 'Equivalent' aspects of the form of value. (8) Money form. (9) Fetishism of commodities. (10) Circulation of commodities.

Part 2: Process of Capitalist Production: (1) Profit. (2) The value of 'labour power'. (3) Labour process (Process of Production). (4) Constant capital and Variable capital; Fixed capital and Circulating capital. (5) Rate of surplus value (Degree of exloitation). (6) Looking at the 'value portions' of the commodity in terms of the 'portions of commodity'. (7) Working day. Index.

Contents of volume 2

Part 1: Process of Capitalist Reproduction: (1) Capitalist Mode of Production and its forms. (2) Manufacture.(3) Machinery and Large-scale industry. (4) Capital subjugates labour. (5) Productive and Unproductive labour. (6) Expansion of Capital.

Part 2: Process of Capitalist Circulation: (1) Costs of Circulation. (2) Capitalist price. Index

Contents of volume 3

Part 1: Process of Capitalist Distribution: Some issues once again. (1) Merchant's Capital . (2) Interest-bearing Capital. (3) Land-Rent. (4) Imperialism. (5) Crises. (6) Classes. Marx's Questions to Workers.

Part 2: Towards Classless Society: (1) The New Society. (2) Marxism: Not only Economics, but also Philosophy. (3) Proletariat with 'Muck of all Ages'. (4) Some Issues. (5) An Imaginary Picture. (6) Have you become a Marxist? Appendix: Chapters in Marx's 'Capital'. Index.





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